3M Command Assorted Small Medium And Large Refill Strips 16pk (17200cl)

3MSKU: TAP7390



Command Assorted Refill Strips are ideal for Command large| medium and small sized hooks holding respectively 2.2kg| 1.3kg and 450g You can re-use your hooks again and again| especially if you need to clean| paint| re-decorate or re-organize. It features the revolutionary Command Adhesive Strips so it hold strongly on a variety of smooth surfaces| including painted plasterboard walls| wood| tile and more. Yet| comes off cleanly - no holes| marks| sticky residue or stains - so you can take down and move your Command hooks as often as you like. Also great as a replacement for double sided tape. Each pack contains 8 small| 4 medium and 4 large strips.

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