Finish Powerball All In 1 Max Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 27 Pack

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Finish Powerball All In 1 Max Lemon Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets removes baked-on food.

  • Finish Powerball All In 1 Max Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 27 Pack.
  • Our Powerball boosts the tablet to remove even baked-on food| giving you a deep clean every day.
  • Wrapper free tabs.
  • Phosphate free.
  • #1 Recommended (Recommended by renowned dishwasher manufacturers).
  • Everyday deep clean.
  • Why not try Finish Rinse Aid for even shinier dishes and towel-dry glasses and cutlery| or Finish Dishwasher Cleaner to power away grease and limescale that build up in the hidden parts of your dishwasher?

Usage Advice

Unwrap one tablet and place into the dispenser for best results. If the tablet does not fit| consult the dishwasher manufacturer or manual for advice. Use Finish Salt and Finish Rinse Aid. Suitable for septic tanks.

  1. Remove food scraps and scrape plates and dishes.
  2. Load dishes with soiled surfaces facing water spray.
  3. Unwrap one tablet and place in the dry dispenser. For short cycles (30 minutes)| IF IT DOES NOT FIT IN THE DISPENSER or does not dissolve properly place it in the bottom of the dishwasher. FOR A FISHER & PAYKEL DISHDRAWER| place tablet in an empty section of the cutlery basket.
  4. For best performance| use the "normal" wash cycle or a specialist tablet wash cycle or a specialist tablet wash cycle. Suitable for most septic tanks| however refer to manufacturer of your waste water treatment system for septic advice. Finish Rinse Aid is recommended for best drying and shine results.

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